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Legal Consultant

Commercial law

Our services:

  • preparation and examination of contracts customary in business life (e.g. sales contracts, contracts for services, commission, lease, deposit, distribution, loan, guarantee, surety and other agreements),

  • identification and management of legal risks in contractual documents, participation in business negotiations,

  • elaboration and examination of general terms and conditions, guarantee certificates, and consumer information sheets,

  • advising on warranty and guarantee issues,

  • other commercial legal advice and services (e.g. debt collection, litigation, representation in official proceedings).

Our services:

  • formation, registration of changes and termination (voluntary winding up) of companies and other legal entities (e.g. foundations, associations), 

  • sale and purchase of shares in companies, transformation of companies, 

  • insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation proceedings) and other company court proceedings,

  • other services related to the operation of companies (e.g. editing of company documents, participation and minutes preparation at shareholders' meetings, obtaining company extracts and previous company documents, preparation of internal regulations).

Business Meeting

Company law

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Employment law

Our services:

  • preparing employment contracts, termination notices, termination agreements and other labor law documents (e.g. written warnings, payment notices, non-competition agreements, internal regulations, job descriptions) and participating in their signing if required,

  • mediation, counseling in disputed situations and representation in employment law lawsuits,

  • examination and updating of employment law document samples,

  • consulting related to labor inspections.

Our services:

  • sale and gift of commercial, industrial and residential real estate,

  • encumbrance and relief of real estate (e.g. establishment and cancellation of usufruct, easement),

  • preparation of contracts related to the utilization of real estate (e.g. rental, lease agreements),

  • full-scale representation before land registry,

  • dispute resolution and, if necessary, representation in real estate lawsuits,

  • other real estate-related procedures and advice.

Insurance Agent

Real estate law

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